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Divorce isn’t only emotionally charged and stressful; there are many financial issues that can make the legal proceedings very expensive and add to the emotional turmoil. That is why you should rely on Andrea Anthony from Changing Tides CPA, Inc. She is an experienced and Trusted Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® located in Estes Park, CO. As a CPA and CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®), her work focuses on the financial aspect of divorce.

Are you worried about outliving your assets? Are you concerned about your quality of life? Using her 35-years of accumulated knowledge, she can give you solutions that will provide peace of mind and help you move forward with confidence leaving no stone unturned.

Whether you are with or without a lawyer, in the preliminary preparation phase of the divorce, actively negotiating, heading into mediation, or going to a court hearing, you can put your trust in Andrea. She will be able to give you the information and tools to make informed decisions about your future.

Andrea's 5-Step System for Your Best Settlement Solution

Frequently Asked Questions​

Step One: Your Divorce Story

Step Two: Your Best Settlement Diagnostic

Step Three: Maintain Your Quality of Life

Step Four: Keeping What Matters Most to You

Step Five: How to Negotiate & Walk Away Happy

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. Virtual works to get the BEST person

b. Geography is no longer an issue

c. Independence from your lawyer can be important to provide added insight and options

a. My clients end up with an average of 25%-30% more because they work with me

b. My clients recoup their investment with me many times over

c. The cost of not considering taxes will be far more than my fee 

d. Peace of mind is priceless 

e. You can’t afford not to

Let your lawyer guide you regarding your legal decisions but let me guide you through the financial complexities. Your lawyer is not a trained and certified financial professional. I am.

a. I have military divorce experience understanding the splitting of retirement and other benefits.

b. I know that the timing for filing documents is critical.

Support Is Available

Let me help you have a divorce experience with more clarity. No need to waste thousands in a court battle. Schedule your divorce strategy session today!


In Your Strategy Session We’ll:

  • Explore your divorce options and get closer to the right solution for your situation.
  • Review your finances and explore creative settlement ideas.
  • Budget and plan for transitioning to the next phase of your life.
  • Identify your biggest fears and decide the best way to address them.
  • Connect you with other resources you’ll need in your process.

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