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At Changing Tides CPA, our CDFA® Andrea Anthony provides the best services to her clients to alleviate the financial stresses of divorce, ensuring that they get their Best Settlement Solution. She empowers them to negotiate from a position of strength and guides them towards a more stable financial future. Reach out to her today to ensure your Best Settlement Solution by adding her to your side as an experienced Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and CPA who is knowledgeable and compassionate.

Facing an unexpected divorce after over 25 years of marriage, my trust in others was shattered. Andrea quickly came to understand my situation and priorities and always had my back. When I didn’t understand financial or tax implications, she was my educator and advisor. When I felt anxious or afraid she was my warrior advocate. When I was overwhelmed, she helped me to take things one step at a time. Andrea acted on what was important to me so I could gain peace and confidence designing a future I’d never imagined or planned for. Further, Andrea helped me get to ‘the other side’ by constructing a comprehensive financial position that was beneficial to me but that was also equitable and useable by the lawyers, mediator, and my ex to get to a mutually approved separation agreement that allowed me to move on with my separate life and everyone to keep out of going to court.


I feel very fortunate to have found Andrea by just doing a short amount of research on the internet. I first contacted her via an email I sent late one evening and received a call from her the very next morning, and even though she was in the middle of a move, she took the time out of her busy schedule to explain the benefits of the financial services and reports that she would produce on my behalf. I had a significant amount of data for her to review in a abbreviated time frame, but she took on the challenge and produced an outstanding summary document as well as several important financial spreadsheets that greatly assisted my lawyer in obtaining a favorable outcome during mediation. It was a pleasure to work with Andrea, she is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. I would highly recommend her services to all my friends and family members.

Jim C.

Andrea was very helpful, professional, and patient in her work to help my Mom with her divorce. She helped us understand the assets and associated future value and tax considerations. She more than paid for her services in establishing professional documentation that we used in mediation. Overall, we were much better prepared for mediation, and this ensured the separation of all the assets was fair and equitable for both parties

Travis H.

Andrea was very thorough in her analysis of my financial situation. She helped me understand the second and third order effects of the decisions I needed to make during my divorce. Overall, I was much better prepared for mediation and was able to ensure the separation of all the assets was fair and equitable for both me and my X. Thank you, Andrea for your professionalism and care with my case.

John C.

Ms. Anthony did a very detailed analysis for me to help me get informed and ready for my assets division before my divorce. I really felt better after getting all the information and reports from her.

Maribel G.

Andrea is a true professional and I am very grateful for her help throughout my divorce process. Andrea offered sound financial advice and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with mediation.

Jen D.

Andrea’s help was an immeasurable asset when navigating the confusing and scary complexities of my divorce! I’ve recommended her to friends and acquaintances because women going through a divorce needs her wisdom. In my case, I was completely overwhelmed by the task at hand and needed someone besides my lawyer to ask all the financial questions. I am so glad that I even had her accompany me to mediation!