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Do you feel overwhelmed and confused?
Are you afraid you will be left destitute and not get your fair share?
Does the number of documents seem endless?
Are you worried about your future quality of life?

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by documentation, tax forms, or any other financial administrative nightmares anymore. Andrea is always there to help with professionalism and compassion as you move forward through a difficult process.

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Divorce is already a highly stressful event that feels emotionally overwhelming and the financial stress makes it worse. Changing Tides CPA, Inc. is your best choice for a trusted Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® located in Estes Park, CO. Andrea Anthony is a CPA and CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®), giving you the information and advice you need. With her help, any phase of the divorce will feel less intimidating and much more manageable, whether you need her from the start, are moving into a mediation phase, or preparing for a court hearing.

How Andrea Can Help You

In addition to helping with equitable asset distribution, she can also assist with:

Andrea can advise you regarding IRS rules for divorce as they relate to:

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Our CDFA® and CPA, Andrea Anthony would be happy to refer you to trusted experts if you require additional services.


Areas may include:

Support Is Available

Let me help you have a divorce experience with more clarity. No need to waste thousands in a court battle. Schedule your divorce strategy session today!


In Your Strategy Session We’ll:

  • Explore your divorce options and get closer to the right solution for your situation.
  • Review your finances and explore creative settlement ideas.
  • Budget and plan for transitioning to the next phase of your life.
  • Identify your biggest fears and decide the best way to address them.
  • Connect you with other resources you’ll need in your process.

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